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How to be Creative with Protein Powder

Need to add lean muscle? More protein. On a diet? Want to be sure to lose fat versus muscle mass? That’s right, protein powder. Trying to be sure you meet your daily requirement of protein? Yes, protein supplementation. The types of proteins in use today, their formats, and where you can find them are ubiquitous. We detail that and much more in our e-book Definitive Guide to Protein Powders, so we’ll skip the lengthy review and get right to providing you inspiration for a plethora of protein options. Different ways to think of your basic Protein Shakes   We will give the Smoothie its due in just a bit, but first, let’s approach this from the athlete’s point of view. At...

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The Definitive Guide to Protein Powder

An Introduction to Protein   In this ebook, we will guide you through a definition of protein, and protein supplementation, why we need protein, the benefits of consuming protein (number one being it’s required for life) and detail a history of protein and protein supplements. We’ll discuss the various natural sources of protein, and contrast protein from whole foods versus supplementation. We’ll tackle one of the most vigorously contested aspects of protein consumption, how much is required, versus how much is optimal, and provide you contrasting viewpoints. We’ll devote a segment to identifying quality protein supplements, and we’ll look at different types of protein, their uses, and when to take them. We’ll conclude with a segment on the need for...

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How to Use Protein Powder for Repair & Recovery: An eBook

In our E-Book, TheDefinitive Guide to Protein Powders we explain that protein provides the building blocks of life, amino acids. Protein is a crucial component of every cell in your body, it aids in bone mass, plays a role in hair, skin, and nail health, and is essential in the production of enzymes and hormones. It works to regulate your metabolism and can be a source of energy. For the purpose of this article we’ll discuss how protein is also essential in the recovery process and to build and repair muscle tissue. We’ll explain what occurs during exercise, proteins role in repair and recovery, how much protein is required, what are the best sources of protein, and when is the optimal...

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